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Enrollment for the 2019-2020 season is NOW OPEN.

For The Love of Dance welcomes you to season 8! Follow our fan page on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop with upcoming events and appearances!

A variety of dance techniques are offered from ages 2.5 to adults. Including ballet, tap, contemporary jazz, hip-hop, modern, conditioning and drama.
Ballet is the core focus of our program. In addition to the unique techniques associated with ballet, FTLOD also understands that it is a strengthening foundation important in all other areas of dance. For more information regarding programming for all ages, you are invited to attend and observe the classes of your interest!
There are three broad components to our programming:

1. The Young Star program: involving children of a variety of ages, experiences and skill levels. This program relates to our mission of introducing excellence in the concepts and techniques in the art of dance and leadership.

2. The second part is our adult program that concentrates on our objectives of technique, fitness and self image.

3. Last but not least is our community outreach component. There are several selective local community productions with which we are involved and dancers from other local programs are invited to participate with us in these performances.

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