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Together we can achieve excellence.

For The Love of Dance has always maintained the goal of achieving excellence in our vision, teaching concepts of technique and performance in the Art of dance. Recently, our growth has been extraordinary, especially in the Starlites and other Young Stars program levels. In addition, FTLOD has a substantial presence in the Columbus arts culture and in the community at large.

As our 11th year approaches, the administration is re establishing a Parent Advisory Board to add value to the pursuit of the mission and vision of FTLOD. This group would provide interaction with parents, other committed individuals and institutions related to our organization. The interaction, ideas and suggestions provided would be a meaningful contribution to the successful achievement of our goals.

Some of the areas as prioritized by FTLOD leadership that may be considered are as follows:

  • Assistance with volunteer – work
  • Students’ perception of the experience
  • Fundraisers
  • Meeting school project objectives
  • Community relationships, including performances
  • Enhanced communication w/parents
  • Contribution/assistance with *select event planning

We encourage you to apply.

Apply below.


Advisory Board Application
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Please answer in 1-3 sentences.

*Please submit for review and we will follow up within 14 business days. Our review process involves us critically examining the responses. Our goal is to make the board effective and unbiased through generating ideas and concepts. These ideas will further help us to meet the organizational objectives.

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