Dance School

We dance for the love of dance and to preserve the future of our youth through leadership and the Arts.
We encourage our dancers to “Dance your heart out!”

TUITION PRICING: *Based on a flat rate & combo pricing

$65  /monthly for Starlites
$85 / monthly for Young Stars 1 A, B
$90 / monthly for Young Star 2
$90 / monthly for Stars
$97 / monthly for Floaters
$10 / monthly fee Dance Ensemble
$10 / Adult drop – in rate (per class)

Starlite Prep

An early introduction to dance technique & creative movement. Considered Pre-Young Stars, Ages 2.5 - 5

Young Star Program

Where leadership and the Arts merge. A full Ballet, Tap, Contemporary Jazz, Drama, Hip Hop and Modern curriculum. Ages 6 & up

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